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Advanced communications solutions designed for distribution to end users by MNO's, MVNO's, Distributors and VAR's. Leveraging over 30 years high end communications experience, RIPTec delivers industry-leading value and quality, with highly innovative solutions for end users, SMB's, Corporations and Government.

Imagine the Impossible,
that is what we create.

Scaleable, real-world solutions

We solve real world issues, design and build all the technology in-house from back end platforms, through administrator controls to end user interfaces. Then we ensure it easily scales at the lowest cost base.

We build for the
most important
part; you.

End to End Control

Seamless, simple, integrated user interfaces through hours of design and re-design combined with end user surveys and discussions to develop the best available, everytime.

Engaging in Global
Telecoms Markets

Delivering World Class Solutions to Key Business Sectors

It is estimated that 70% of professionals will use BYOD for work by 2018 worth over $181 billion (Gartner) ● 2.8 billion subscribers globally have two or more SIMs. (Movirtu ) ● By 2017, it is forecast that the number of Global expats will reach around 56.8 million. (Finaccord ) ● Global VoIP market is anticipated to reach $194.5 billion by 2024 (Persistence)

Creating Solutions that
Solve Real World Issues

There is always a better way

BYOD users are unable to satisfactorily separate business and personal calls. ● EXPATS want to remain in-touch and be contactable wherever they are and at the lowest cost. ● Consumers don’t want MULTI-SIMs but want multiple numbers for different parts of their lives whilst keeping their personal mobile number private ● Employees don’t want to be tied to their desk with dated DESK PHONE technology or poor WiFi connections.

Simple Solutions to
Frustrating Issues

Real World Solutions for every type of customer

We have built a set of enhanced mobile phone features that put users in control, save on communication costs and improve overall efficiency, without losing quality. At its core these features have been built around a mobile GSM service giving users unbridled instant connectivity, HD call quality and true mobility.

Reaching World Markets
through a robust and rapidly
expanding Partner Network

Partners of all shapes and sizes

Distributors can enjoy the benefits of having their own White Label version of our products, choose which parts to utilise and even simply tap in to our extensive API’s. Resellers of any size can simply enjoy a great commission scheme and associated benefits when marketing one of our solutions.