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Think of us simply as your software development team.

Our solution is uniquely placed to disrupt and improve communications for millions of people giving them a mobile service that perfectly matches their individual lifestyles whilst making your brand an integral part of their lives.

As a brand or community you have an opportunity to offer your members a soulmate mobile service that promotes your brand and earns you money, every minute of the day.

For the world's smartest lifestyle service bearing your brand, contact us now!

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Branded Service Available for Two Segments:
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If the members of your community or business customers consist of; world citizens, travellers, entrepreneurs or for instance busy socialites, the RIPHub Lifestyle Communication Application bearing your brand brings them a mobile service that makes their life more convenient and affordable.


If your customers or the members of your community are companies, businesses or SMEs, the RIPDialer Virtual Enterprise Communication Solution, or Virtual PBX, bearing your brand makes their business more efficient, removes the need for on-premise systems and reduces costs of their communication.