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RIPHub in Brief

Your mobile phone is at the center of your life, fact. We believe it should be at the center of your work life too.
That's why we have developed RIPHub, a service that puts your personal mobile phone at the heart of your communications. RIPHub allows you to communicate with clients, prospects and colleagues at any time wherever you are, seamlessly, and at the highest quality and it gives you all the features and functions of a corporate grade phone system (Cloud vPBX / Switchboard), whatever size of business you run.

Lowest Costs

Whether making calls, sending messages or SMS, or managing your customer calls, you'll find our services give you the absolutely latest technology at the lowest cost, saving you some 60% over traditional communications.

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Buy/Use Phone Numbers

Add & use any phone numbers and attach to a profile. Add as many numbers as you need which can be existing or new, mobile or fixed, national or international. Buy any city based numbers available from 55+ countries, for any use.

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Phone System

Corporate grade cloud based phone system packed full of every feature your business will ever need. Features like; Do Not Disturb, Voicemail, Conference Bridge and Call Transfer integrated directly in to your mobile.

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Highest Quality

Fed up with low quality calls full of jitter and stutter? Annoyed when you can't connect or a call drops? When its a free VoIP call, that's fine but not for business. That's why we developed the worlds first HD Cellular Multi-Number solution - RIPHub

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Not Just Calls

RIPHub is a fully fledged communication solution, allowing users to select any phone number (profile) when making calls or even sending messages and SMS. Inbound calls and messages are automatically routed to correct users based on preset rules.

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RIPHub provides the missing link for any user wanting to use their mobile phone for work, by allowing them to keep their personal mobile number private and use their work numbers instead, for making and receiving calls or sending and receiving messages or SMS.

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Our patented solution, does not need an internet connection to operate. It is a NON VoIP, cellular HD quality solution, that requires no additional installation or set up. That equates to lower costs in set up (Zero cost Capex) and operation (60% saving on Opex). You can be up an running in minutes with nothing else required, and we are so confident in our products we have no contract or minimum commitment.

Trusted by over 12,000+ Business Users

RIPHub Quick Overview

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Contact Friendly
Highly Robust
Extremely Flexible
Cloud Integration
Multi Profiled

Multiple Issues - one perfect solution.

Whether for simply adding your work numbers to your mobile phone or completely replacing your companies telephone switchboard system, our technology gives you the ideal solution for your needs.

  • National Phone Numbers
  • International Phone Numbers
  • Mobile Phone Numbers
  • HD quality, Low cost calls
  • Messaging - IM & SMS
  • Complete Phone System

  • The world's smartest communications service, available today!

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    I can get a connection straight away and call quality is always superb which is vitally important to me in business. Great product and highly recommend..

    John Sutton - UK


    I hate giving out my personal mobile number but using Tizyo is amazing as I can select who has which of my numbers and use voicemail and do not disturb to handle unwanted calls.

    Martin Sage - USA


    I never thought we could do without desk phones, but the whole company is delighted with the freedom and effortlessness of making and receiving calls on mobiles. Staff are really happy and as a company we are not only saving money but have definitely become more efficient and responsive.

    Michelle - ViewTV


    RipDialer is a top quality product. Offering on-demand customer service is crucial. Handling customer calls was a challenge for us. We wanted a way to get a professional 020 London number, that sent calls to each of our co-founders. Until we found RipDialer, we just published our mobile numbers on the website! Jacob - CityStasher

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