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The perfect solution for Expats

As an expat being able to stay in touch with family and friends back home can be incredibly important.

However, international call charges for those back home and for the expat, and the impracticability of staying by the phone waiting for a call, make staying in touch really difficult.

RIPHub solves everything by giving users a home based phone number which family and friends can use to call at local rates, a means of knowing who is calling, and an ability to call anyone using the home based number.

Get started Now:
  • Download the RIPHub app on to your mobile phone
  • Buy a home based phone number (eg. Manchester Landline)
  • RIPHub will add your new  phone number as a profile
  • Give your new number to friends and family
  • Receive calls from friends and family wherever you are
  • Call friends and family using your new profile / phone number

How it Works:
  • Phone numbers are diverted to your mobile phone at no extra cost
  • RIPHub allows you to choose a profile/phone number to call out from
  • When you make a call from a profile the recipient sees your profile phone number and not your mobile number
  • Calls are made over your mobile cellular network at HD quality
  • Calls will not eat in to your data allowance

  • Works on any network
  • Works on IOS & Android
  • No need to change mobile operator
  • Keep your phone number
  • Keep your mobile phone
  • No contract
  • No emails, Pins, or account settings
  • Up and running in less than 60 seconds