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The perfect solution for Estate Agents

As an Estate Agent you are always on the move, whether adding a new listing, showing a property or dealing with lawyers and surveyors.

The mobile phone is a perfect tool for you, as no matter where you are, you are contactable and able to make contact even whilst on the move, but carrying two phones around with you is a pain, and using your personal mobile for work is not that clever!

RIPHub solves these issues, by letting you communicate as though at work from your personal mobile phone.

By setting up a work profile on your mobile, you can communicate with anyone using your works phone number(s), whilst keeping your personal number private. If working with overseas clients, simply use an overseas number to look more professional and increasing your chances of the call being accepted and being called back.

All users can be set up on a single Post Pay account with fully itemised billing, and optional switchboard features can be added to the service on request, without the need for expensive desk phones and infrastructure,

Get started Now:
  • Sign up to our Post Pay business service
  • Users simply download RIPHub to their mobile
  • All profiles and numbers automatically set up
  • Users simply make and receive calls via the RIPHub service
  • Personal calls are made and billed as normal
  • New numbers or Porting of existing numbers available

How it Works:
  • Phone numbers are diverted to your mobile phone at no extra cost
  • RIPHub allows you to choose a profile/phone number to call out from
  • When you make a call from a profile the recipient sees your profile phone number and not your mobile number
  • Calls are made over your mobile cellular network at HD quality
  • Calls will not eat in to your data allowance (non VoIP)

The Essentials:
  • Works on any network
  • Works on IOS & Android
  • No need to change mobile operator
  • Keep your phone number
  • Keep your mobile phone
  • No contract
  • No emails, Pins, or account settings
  • Up and running in less than 60 seconds